Can I share a link to the report with my staff or partners?

Yes, you are enabled to Share Links to the reports with others. However, the recipients are permitted to a few set of features.

What is Assigned Fulfillment Location and how does it work?

Assigned Fulfillment Location is a new feature that makes it easier for customers to manage their orders. With this feature, customers no longer need to manually update the location where their orders will be fulfilled from. Instead, the system can automatically assign the location even before the order is fulfilled. This means customers can save time and effort, and enjoy a more streamlined experience when managing their orders.

Can I schedule the reports into a pre-existing Google Sheet?

When you create a Google Sheet schedule, it will create a new Sheet in the Google Drive folder that you’ve selected by default. All the data will be exported into the newly created sheet.
Yes. It is possible to schedule the report into a pre-existing Google Sheet. Kindly contact us and we’ll set it up for you.

How do you sync my store records when I install the app?

When you log in to your Report Pundit account for the first time, we automatically synchronize all of your Shopify records.
The duration of this synchronization process depends on the size of your database and can range from a few minutes to a few days.
To obtain an estimated time for the synchronization process based on your database size, you can click here.

Do you offer a demo or free trial?

Yep! We provide a 15-day risk-free free trial with every new signup.

How many reports can I make?

You can create and generate UNLIMITED reports every month.